Jessica Simpson Makes Her Music Comeback

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In the words of the illustrious L.L. Cool J, don’t call it a comeback…Jessica Simpson has been here for years.

Jessica Simpson got back to her Texas country roots with her new album Do You Know, and the results have been fantastic for her. Rolling Stone raved about the variety of the songs, and even her harshest critics don’t really have many negative things to say about the former Newlywed. Last night she had a concert in Pomona, and tons of fans came out to support her.

People can say what they will about Jess (may I call you that?), but at her core she’s a down-home girl who exudes niceness from every pore. Sure, she may wear a funky dress or two. But it’s great to see her putting out the kind of music that she wants, as opposed to the music that she (or her management) thinks that we want to hear.

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